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Ren Gardner

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am a recent college graduate holding Bachelors degrees in Japanese (日本語が7年間勉強している) and Interactive and Digital Media with a focus in Web Design. My personal design aesthetic emphasizes colors, contrast, and Internet inspiration. I've been coding on blogging websites since I was a teenager, and studying Japanese for just as long. Outside of that, I am a member of various online communities and have made content for them extensively, including an independently produced zine!I'm very committed to enhancing communication between people however I can, whether that be through translation work or web design. That is my overall goal for my career.

interactive visualization

html css javascript

when? 2021.why? final project for web design class.etc. The purpose of this project was to create a "piece of art" moreso than a website, so I decided to create a desktop-inspired visualization of three different times of day for some person! The music box is fully functional and everything on the page changes using javascript--there is only one html file!

'90s web1.0 rpgmaker horror

html css

when? 2021.why? project for web design class.etc. For this project, we were to choose a topic that interests us and make a website around that. I decided to go for a '90s, Web1.0 vibe with old geocities sites as my inspiration! There are four pages in total about three different horror games from the rpgmaker software, including a review of the game, images, captions, and download links.

class portfolio

html css

link to websitewhen? 2020.why? final project for visual communication course.etc. This website was created as a culmination of various creative projects for a specific university class--as such, it includes photography, video editing, and a magazine design all made by me. It is the simplest website I have ever made by far, and features a single page with various scroll-points linked to in the navigation bar.

modern redesign


I was tasked to create a modern redesign of my rpgmaker horror website, and this was my take on that! I tried to modernize it by choosing a color palette that was easier on the eyes, as well as utilizing more whitespace, buttons, and minimalism.


photoshop illustrator

when? 2022.why? project for graphic design course.etc. This is an infographic for the Persona 5 game, something I am personally a fan of! It is meant to be a quick introduction on what Persona 5 is, what some of the core mechanics are, and how it can be played (to some extent). It was made using various assets from the game itself, along with custom-made icons by me.

event poster

illustrator procreate

when? 2022.why? project for graphic design course.etc. I am graduating with a degree in Japanese as well as Interactive Media, so I was excited to work on this topic and explore typography with Japanese characters! Lucky cats are a personal love of mine, and it was a very happy moment for me when I realized there was a lucky cat festival in Japan. This is a poster advertising that event in both English and Japanese.

mini projects

illustrator photoshop

when? 2022.why? projects for graphic design course.etc. These graphics were made for an assortment of week-long challenges for a graphic design course--(1) a challenge to make an infographic-map for a place I like; (2) a challenge to make a graphic for the Beijing 2022 Olympics (冬 is the character for winter); (3) a challenge to make a simple stamp of your hometown using only two colors; (4) a challenge to use typography to write one of our New Year's Resolutions; (5) a challenge to choose a screenshot and use Photoshop to color it differently.